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Should we make another DF: Outbreak?

2009-09-17 12:55:20 by JaggedBladeSoftware

Me and my brother were planning to make a few more episodes of Dead Frontier: Outbreak in order to continue the story. However we were a little disappointed by the score it got (3.85 ish) - we were kind of hoping it would do a little better. Chances are the game won't make the front page with that kind of score.

Is it just that nobody wants to play a text-only game anymore? I can totally understand that since reading can be a chore sometimes. But I also feel it can be a lot more immersive. Also thought the voice would help make it more interesting but guess it'd didn't make a huge difference.

So Newgrounds, would you like to see more of this kind of game or should we just move on?

If you haven't seen it yet:



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2009-09-17 13:06:58

It wasnt frightening, or gripping enough to make people vote higher.
Lovecraft was better at it :) I must say i liked the game, but many people get bored quickly.
3.85 is really above average :P But it says awesome game.Some games on the front page have less than 3.70 and theyre there!

(Updated ) JaggedBladeSoftware responds:

*sends lovecraft an email and asks if he wants to help write the script for #2*


2009-09-17 13:49:38

Honestly the story was very immersive, and I played it to the end. The reason it didn't score higher is because it was only a script, if you were to animate each section and add more visual elements to the game play then I guaranty the game would score a lot higher. Although this of course takes a lot more time and effort... but making games isn't suppose to be a walk in the park. I personally think you should continue the story. Better luck next time.


2009-09-17 14:10:45

i loved it i would recomend to add checkpoints if you make another because the firts time i played it i got to the end and left my wife and i had to start again to get it right

mabie alternate ways of winning aswell i would definatly like to see more though

JaggedBladeSoftware responds:

I updated it to have checkpoints at the start of each new area (office, street, road etc)


2009-09-17 14:49:57

You should, i liked it, i even started playing the MMO


2009-09-17 15:15:16

i think u shouldmakea nother dead fronteir i liked thefirst one


2009-09-17 15:15:39

Yes, you should make another one neil, I thought it was going to be a rpg like the others but it wasn't worse neither, nice storyline and actor. I'm waitin' another one


2009-09-17 16:29:45

Absolsolutely! I would really like a dead frontier 2.
By the way I want it to be hard. No save points because it somehow makes it more reallistic (you only live once... if you don't become a zombi xD). And complex situation with no easy answer. I think that lots of people have already read the zombi survival guide so I in my opinion you should stay away from textbook questions, I know that it's a great source of inspiration but you are awesome and I'm sure you can come up with something original and reallistic like that situation in the bathroom.
I also love to have funny ansers like "have another cup of coffee" and to be albe to behave like an ashole and still survive. I my opinion I think that if you behave like a bastard during all the game you should not commit suicide because your wife dies (I know its just a game and its ok for me, i'm just trying to give some ideas).



2009-09-17 16:29:51

Hell yeah Neil! Make another!


2009-09-17 17:02:48

I actually loved the text-only gameit really gets you into the story
And, yes, you should make another


2009-09-17 17:39:29

Well, yeah I guess part of the problem why this didn't end in a high score is that text based games aren't so interesting for most people anymore, but even though that problem exists, 3,85 is not a bad score at all and makes it probably worth it to make another chapter.

Like mentioned already, a bit more animation could probably enhance it, but it's quite good already (else you wouldn't have gotten that score) and I would enjoy a second part.


2009-09-17 18:20:29

make more but aniamtion would be cool or if not that the backround should change with every choice


2009-09-17 18:27:50

Yes.Pretty please. I loved every bit of the game. I suggest giving it more choices though, and maybe switching the order of choices. I found that most of the time the last answer was usually the best.


2009-09-17 18:33:44

Checkpoints were too scarce, the choices were usually obvious enough but sometimes I just wanted to see what would happen.

I disliked your weak use of graphics
I would say if you are that negative on animating the story, at least give a fresh picture each step.


2009-09-17 19:24:56

3.85 is really above average.Also,I like you're text-based game,it got me really into the game.But I must say,I kinda hate the blur on the background,kinda hurt's my eyes,Btw I think that's just me.Anyways,I think you're series is really awesome,and that you should really keep on doing what you do.~~


2009-09-17 20:15:52



2009-09-17 20:18:33

Pretty good but it was just like an interactive book maybe change it to an interactive animation much like the assault series.
Where its like a movie but you choose the choices.


2009-09-17 20:25:37

what?! You're doubting the creation of DF: Outbreak 2??
First off, the DF series is awesome. Your storylines fit perfectly. Outbreak was a nice change of pace from the generic 'go here and defend this' or 'get to point A whilst killing Zombies' gamestyle of the Zombie games.
Second: It had a very nice World War Z feel to the storyline, and it would be nice to see the same events from a different perspective. Maybe even a different part of the world (ie Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, England, you get the point).
Last, but not least: It's hard not to sell yourself short with text based games. They really are hit or miss. But from what I've seen, DF: Outbreak is a success. So yeah, go ahead with a chapter 2. I've no doubt that you'd continue to build your fanbase on Newgrounds with it.

Keep it you.


2009-09-17 21:37:51

awww, dude Dont curb your creativity because you didnt get to the front page. Make your games because you are passionate about it and it shows in your works. Writing a great script require talent and you two brothers got a big hit here. Motivate yourselves to make another hit.. listen to eedback and if there is a specific aspect of the game that excites your audience, capatilize on that specific feature.
IMO I would love to see art/animation to each scene .. even if its a still or the character is just standing there watching out for his next move.
Try approaching various artists on the art section to try styles that suite the undertones of your next game.
Don't stop the flow, dive right in.

On the other hand, would love to see what else you guys can cook up.


PS: DF is on the fornt page ;)


2009-09-17 21:43:36

You should definatly make another one. It was (in my opinion) better than the rest. 6/5


2009-09-17 22:03:53

Yeah! Make another! That game was great, the story was awesome, It made me feel like I was there (minus the action and barfing...) Also, You should have a little animation after each choice you make (Like the part with the zombie and the brick)


2009-09-17 22:25:55

wow! that was awesome! you guys make a really kick ass zombie game and yes text based games are still fun as hell! also, the online game of DF is totally epic, i've been playing scene the start of the summer. keep doing what your doing because lots of people love it!


2009-09-17 23:06:58

I loved text based games mainly because you can use your imagination instead of having everything illustrated to you

Anyway I think you should definitely make another game and maybe make it a bit longer :P


2009-09-17 23:41:49

I loved it.

zombie genre doesn't have enough of these well made games, or even well thought out stories.

Keep up the great work and i hope to see a number two.


2009-09-18 00:13:18

This...Game...is... EPIC BALL SAUCE!!!

uhhh... nohomo...


2009-09-18 00:19:18

Absolutely! I was entirely immersed in the game. It may have not been as complex as a shooter or RPG, but it kept me interested and before i knew it i couldn't stop playing it. I especially appreciated the checkpoints and the ranking at the end. The storyline was great and thank you for including a click on the narration to speedy up the story. Great game! Keep it coming!


2009-09-18 00:42:39

I would love to see another Dead Frontier. I found this one to be pretty fun but the only bad thing was the lack of animation. Some people just aren't interested by text-based games anymore, so I think that having some animations in the game would help get more people interested.


2009-09-18 00:45:44

Please make another one. There is a lot of potential for the story even if it doesn't make the top games list it was great and there are enough people on newgrounds who like reading not to mention I guess the biggest thing you need to ask yourself is if you guys had fun doing this because let me tell you it was a lot of fun.


2009-09-18 00:50:59

You must continue this game. It is amazing.


2009-09-18 00:57:26

i got b for survival and f for compassion so yes make another


2009-09-18 01:09:08

It got front page.


2009-09-18 01:10:14

But I recommend that you add some of you're animations of the scenes.


2009-09-18 06:36:59

hell yah!dude i loved everything about this game.please make a second continuation please!!

another thing as well.try adding some animations and this game would be even WAY better then the first one.even thought the first one was badass as hell. literally.

an reading that was no problem.adding the voices made it solid gold for me =]


2009-09-18 07:19:05

Well I think that the game was good :) A bit too linear since most choises just forced you to the one same path. (or dead end)
I'd think currently zombie fans and many others (including me) really enjoyed the game.

Also, I would have enjoyed more visuals and sounds in the game like:

"I moved towards the zombie from behind (pic of a zombie characters back with bloody clothes) I grapped the crowbar with my both hands and hit the zombie with an overhead slam (attack line effect from up to down with a splat and cracking sound effect) and the zombie fell to ground with his head splittered (the zombie image "falls away" from the screen at the time the text is read)"

This is just my opinion but give it some thought :)


2009-09-18 07:56:58

Really good game, the story is really good also.
-Make it more animated, I mean for example, when you click an option, it would be nice to see a little flash animation or some video like that, that show the action we chose (for example when you chose to go to the bathroom, it would be nice to see de man running to it, and then seing the yombies appear at the end of the hall, etc.)
-Alternate endings
-Faster letters

Luck next time ;) (I wait for the second part)


2009-09-18 11:32:57

Oh yes, faster letters would be nice. I never listened to the narrator, i clicked and read the text. So maybe scenes should appear at once, and with his voice.


2009-09-18 13:33:49

make more! don't be discouraged.


2009-09-18 15:01:23

I completely enjoyed this one and you should definitely make another one. Btw your score is now a 4.04


2009-09-18 15:16:15



2009-09-18 16:59:23

Yes, you should.


2009-09-18 19:03:11

I think you should make another.
NG suffers from a lack of text adventures, and yours was quite good.
I think the next one should focus more on multiple endings though, as there were only really 2 outcomes (besides dying).
If you want help with this, I have a bit of experience with making Choose Your Owns, though I would be a fool to call myself pro.
Anyway, just a thought. Please do make another, though.


2009-09-18 21:33:44

I thought it was great i got a A + and a A please make more i don't care if it would get front page (btw can you tell me when the mmo is going to be fully release? if so pm me)


2009-09-18 22:09:12

Well, It got front page, Continue!


2009-09-18 22:50:24

Yes yes yes new one nao i loved these types of horror and time to think games :D


2009-09-18 22:53:34

turns out it did make front page. lucky you!

I honestly played this several times trying out different things. I quite enjoy this type of stuff as I'm more into point and click then shooters. Text only is a nice change of pace and lets face it we all grew up reading choose your own adventure books.

Only thing is it could use a skip dialogue button because replaying over and over when you make a mistake or want to try something else takes a lot of time.


2009-09-19 02:05:58

you should make more! Its hard to find a good game with awesome atmosphere


2009-09-19 03:12:19

You should definetly make another. I simply loved the story and the ability to pick more than one option. And BTW it DID make the front page :P


2009-09-19 04:47:51

text based games are very popular right now. Yours would have been better if it were containing varied imagery and more plot paths than the linear one in place.

I liked it and expect fully to see another one made.

You got front page, the voice and narrative put you in the scene, you made something different, why give up on that? Don't pussy out just because you got a low score. Play to the audience that's listening not the one that doesn't care.


2009-09-19 04:50:21

Btw, have a few people proof read some of the writing. Some of that shit landed real bad. It was almost right on most of the time but those few times really made it seem like an amateur piece.


2009-09-19 06:23:32

Hey , i suggest you continue it. I was really impressed by the voice acting. Amazing story but almost only 1 choice will most likely make you survive. The rest would probably get you dead. Why not make 2 or 3 choices that wuld make you survive but diff story line in each one. But I'm not a game maker, so its probably ur pick. Another thing is that the sound just keeps repeating. Why not give a scream or two? To make it more suspenseful. And when ur giving deaths, dont just say "I got bitten" in each one cuz it gets kinda repetitive . Why not make an item you get to pick once to use in various situations? That wuld make people go " Man, I knew picked that rubber gloves." And just a lil bit, just a very little bit. Put some humor line. But not as a choice. Overall: It Was Gud. Not Perfect but Very gud. u did a gud job mate. Just keep at it. Cuz dis is only ur 4th game right? So I hope u make another one, listen to my advice and when the next time I see this game, it wuld be on front page.


2009-09-19 06:49:01

i think you should, but make more interactivity, like it isnt really a good zombie game becouse you cant even see a zombie! add interactivity, like ray! and better cutscenes!