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Entry #6

Zombie Splatter?

2011-02-10 13:37:12 by JaggedBladeSoftware

Zombie Splatter was perhaps the best zombie shoot em up I've seen on here in quite a while.

Check it out here:

Got daily first prize and currently has a score of 4.15, but didn't make it to the front page. Anyone have any idea why this is? Plenty of games that were submitted on a later date, with a lower score, and less prizes have since gotten featured. Does anyone have any idea why this might be? Perhaps due to semi-bad language and/or violence?


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2011-02-10 21:44:31

Because Tom Fulp hates the Asian, thats why.


2011-02-11 23:59:11

I'm thinking it was because the guy just wasn't well known enough. Zombie Splatter was the only flash he had that got an award. ........ (or it could be what the guy on top of me said)


2011-02-20 17:35:42

I know the answer. I will tell you if you tell me the current state of Outbreak :P 3


2011-02-21 18:08:17

Submissions on the front page are games that the owners of newgrounds have enjoyed most, the scores and such don't matter, if they did then this: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /556734 would have never made it onto the front page, but then again this game was a freak exception. Obviously the owners of newgrounds just enjoyed the other games more than they enjoyed zombie splatter. I played zombie splatter when it was still under judgement and enjoyed it too but it was just another carbon-copy top down shooter, it had good graphics and gameplay but other than that wasn't too different to all the other top down shooting games which is probably why it didn't make the front page.


2011-04-28 22:56:25

Thank you for sharing this.
Looking foreword for Outbreak 3,can't wait till it's out.
The other two were excellent.

If I can make a suggestion,you should put animations,perhaps like when you're opening doors,like in Resident Evil games.


2011-08-18 16:58:51

I know this has no relevance but PLEASE finish Dead Frontier: Outbreak 3! My friends and I incredibly enjoyed the game and we want to play the long awaited sequel!

The story, the suspense, the music, we love everything about it! I'm not telling you to hurry the hell up. I just want to know if there is any progress on the game and maybe a release date.


2011-09-07 22:11:41

Really hopeful for a Dead Frontier: Outbreak 3.
Zombie Survival Choose Your Own Adventures happen to be a favourite of mine, and you do the genre well.


2012-08-05 13:12:29

Hope you'll make OutBreak 3 and Dead Frontier Night 4. Or something else about shooting zombies. Did you play Deadly 30 flash game by Gonzossm? it was great.