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DF: Outbreak part 3 ideas?

2010-03-16 16:40:12 by JaggedBladeSoftware

Our latest flash game, Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 has done quite nicely, getting a 4.40 rating, a 9.6 average review score and daily 2nd. We also got onto the Kongregate front page yesterday, so we're definitely going to be doing a part 3 at some stage. However, I've got to be honest - we have very few ideas on where the plot can go from here.

We're wondering, do you guys here on Newgrounds have any good ideas? If so please post in the comments section below! Thanks :)

P.S If you haven't seen part 2 yet, you can check it out here:


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2010-03-16 17:27:47

The virus goes airborne, Thus causing several of the survivors at your location to become infected, Before long, Most of the people become infected. You, Your wife, And her father seem to be immune, Forcing you to relocate to a new location. You have three types of Transportation, Due to your recent scavenge throughout the city... A car, Two motorcycles, And three bikes(Alternatively, You an go on foot). Along the way, You run low on ammo and food, So you have to scavenge several houses (What's inside, Will be up to you. :3). As dusk falls, You know you need to seek shelter, So you look for the nearest places to hide. Four places, A military base that was overrun, But seems to be empty, A pharmacy, With barricaded windows, But movement inside, A small cottage, With a mounted machinegun on the roof, Or a Car Mechanic building. Once you choose which one you want, And night comes, Hordes of zombies stalk the streets, Looking for humans. Without any other options, You hide in the most secure room of the building, With no windows and only one door way (You decide what happens). If you make it out alive, And daylight breaks, The zombies begin to wander elsewhere. You get on your vehicles, And make a run for it. In the distance, You hear constant gunfire... (Choose what happens). If you go to the sounds, You find a military camp, With about 20 soldiers held up in it. They are fighting, And starting to push the zombies back (Join the fray, Stay out of sight, Etc.) If you don't, You continue down the road and eventually arrive in a small town, That does not seem to be infected, And without zombies (Choose what REALLY is going on). Scavenge supplies. You eventually have to leave the camp/town, And have to move on.

That's all I can think of right now. :3


2010-03-16 18:15:59

I think....

Now, The insects and small animals should be currently infected due to prolong exposure to The (un)dead, and are extremely hostile to anything...


2010-03-16 18:24:09

I say that now some animals should be included with the infection. Maybe some mutated dogs or crows. Or worse, rats. Those little creeps can get anywhere they want if they wanted.

If human zombies were bad in the cities, what about the wild animals in the wild?


2010-03-16 18:39:49

How about different of zombies, like this:
You have refuge in the farm of your father in laws but since nobody works in te water station all the people gen cholera and, wait a minute!...


2010-03-16 18:45:22

The New game was really a great sequel =D
i just have to hope that it will be a third.
where maybe a hurricane has broken the whole farm up?
and you have to find a new sanctuary?
maybe very simple but maybe more realistic.
or the birds catch it.
and infects the food.
but the guy is a vegeterian and does not get affected?


2010-03-16 18:47:53

Every time I play that game i say "If you combine point and click narrative with some "Classic Dead Frontier" Scavenging and fighting parts, you could get something HUGE!!!

When is the 3D beta for non gold accounts coming out?


2010-03-16 18:50:42

Like the two people said above me, adding animals to the fray is probably a good idea. But instead of them turning into zombies, maybe rats can carry the virus. This way, you need to venture out into the wild again to look for:

A. Supplies that can exterminate rodents or
B. A new base.

Change anything you want to, of course.


2010-03-16 23:33:00

Creeps Yeah some corrupted animals man, that be sick. Weapons go for a crazy ass melee weapon that would make all mankind have orgasms in their pants my friend. Maybe vechs. in 3? Custom Weapons? Changable character looks? Execution kills? Flying pig bomb(that zombies must have)? Here is the best idea how about a pen for a weapon. I want to go around stabing zombies in the face with a pen.


2010-03-17 01:01:58

i want t o be able to see him or her shooting zombies and if u would i would love to be the one shooting zombies an moving him abt but if u can it would been nice if we can shoot the zombies


2010-03-17 01:19:34

Mmm....I wonder, have the conclusion of this series coincide with the forming of nastyas? Like he's the founder or some thing like that?
dude! Pwn! You could be this man lol,


2010-03-17 01:53:24

ok first add more missons add a view pag elike your gun how much ammo what left of your clip and how many survivors u have with u add a inventory system more locations and a rough pic of r character also add a class system

like tacticalist = person who gets more smart or non deadly choices

gun master = good with gun and firearms

chemist / Medicine / Doctor = u start with aid kits and u get better choies when it comes to determin if some1 is infected who is far away and better use with medical supplies

Hero = you like a balance of all 3 classes and u get a added bonus of your choice like u fin woman hurt and being attacked u can

kill it and her
steal her stuff
try and same her(u die with this 1)
Save her *hero Version*(u save her)

etc etc


2010-03-17 02:06:58

Two months after the events in Dead Frontier Outbreak 2, the survivors have discovered a working radio and found a message being sent across the nation by the former military. They were going to nuke the area to get rid of the virus in 10 days. so basically the plot would be get out of the blast area within 10 days while surviving the seemingly infinite infected attackers.

sorry if you don't like this idea but at least its different from the rest of the comments thus far


2010-03-17 03:28:54

1) Chuck Norris kills every zombie in the planet and the whole game is a "How to cook this and that game"
2)Michael Jacksons zombie is destroying humanity by raping all the survivor's kids and killing them by singing "thriller" it's your job to kill him to ensure the safety of the world
3)Your the father in law that has alchhaimer and look for his lost teddy bear inside a police station in his underwear
4)After cholera everybody gets AIDS from your wife while you where missing (Those Bastards) and you have to find the cure of the AIDS in like...3 days? xD?
5)In your village you suddenly run out of cookies causing everyone to die from depression.You have to go to the candy mountain and find the cake fairy inside the biscuit chest
6)Your a hippie zombie out in look for pot and cabbage.Will you survive with all those filthy humans that hate you because your too groovy
7)Your a monster trainer that collects monsters and have to fight 8 gym leaders in your nation!...oh that scenario is already used
8)Your an emo that is looking for razor to cut his veins in the apocalyptic wasteland and look for a linking park CD,black and purple paint,hair jel and of course a vibrator to place in your ass (faggot)
9)You come out of Vault 101 in look for your lost father who dies in the middle of the game because his obsessed with his project of making robot-teddy bears of doom...(Scenario is kinda similar to another game xD)
10)Your DUKE NUKEM (Owmagawd!) and you look to kill those bastard that didn't make your game back in 2009.

Well...i am sure those ideas will help a lot xD or at least give you a spark of inspiration


2010-03-17 04:00:02

i know theres a lot of comments on here so i hope you read this one.

three weeks pass while your in the farm. your hunt for antibiotics had went well but your wife eventually turned into a zombie. (add options for actions here) (add what happens here) you then run back into town, and find that some gunfire is going on down the street to the left, while on the right you hear a horde of zombie like figures coming towards you. in the front of you is the path you took earlier to the mall. (add options here) (add what happens here) you head the way towards the mall. as you continue down the road on (add transportation here)you see some mutated zombies, ones with claws, spikes,more human skin etc. and as you advance further towards the mall you see a small group of zombies with a few guns in thier hands ready to fire, and that group was the people from the mall on your trip for antibiotics. and the zombie that looks the most smart, intact, and carrys the biggest gun is ox. they turn and notice you one of the members screeches for backup and all you have on you is a crowbar, a medipac, your transportation, and a few rounds for a handgun. (add options here) (add what happens here) you run/pedal as fast as you can to escape the zombies from behind you you try to dodge the bullets that ox is shooting at you and a couple whiz past your head. (add options here) (add what happens here) you dodge into a back alley and crawl through a high window into a house. you see a plunger beside you, you take the plunger and coutiously walk forward crowbar and plunger ready. (go left down the hallway or right to the kitchen) you go right to the kitchen and a zombie looking figure is there.(kill it or try to talk to it.) you kill it and take no chances you quicly lock and barricade the front and back door. you go down the hallway to find a sh*t load of food in one room and tons of medical packs and antibiotics etc. in another. you go to the back room and see a small boy maybe the age of 9 or 10. (talk to him or kill him) you talk to him and he has no bite marks. he is hiding because his mom turned into a zombie. he takes you to the garage where his father kept all his tools and stuff from when he was in world war 2. ( add options here) ( add what happens here) you take the machete and get rid of the plunger. you also take the handgun, extra ammo,to smg's and a 12 gauge shotgun "pump action" you take the kid and watch some spongebob with the kid. half an hour to and hour later the kid gets hungry. he goes to get some food out of a closet and his zombie dad jumps out of the closet and eats his son. when you heard that bloodcrudling scream shivers went down your spine. you run and see what happened and shot both of them in the head quick and painless. (choose to stay in the house or choose to leave.) you take what you can and fill up your backpack and take the bycycle from the garage. you head down the street with knowhere to go and no thought in your mind.

i have to go now so i will let you finish from here let me know what you think.


2010-03-17 08:45:26

A zombie enters unoticed in the farm base...turns the humans into zombies..except you,your wife,father in law and another guy...you run to the city back to find supplies and find ox and a pack of 5 survivors.Ox is angry that you ran like a pssy and fights with you..but you win somehow....and Ox calmes down and you unite..searching for a new place to hide...along the way you find an abandoned military outpost where the infected gene was developed...inside you take cover and lock the base...but there come some noises from the lab...and you with ox and some guys need to go and see what's there...and find out some mutated animals and humans...that have different thigs..bone claws...large hands..etc.You find a way to kill them but ox and your father in law dies.After the sad tragedy you find a helicopter in the base and an surviving pilot...but the helicopter has no fuel so you need to go and find some fuel in another city.that you know nothing about... :D hope it helped you and sorry if i misstyped something (my english is quite bad)


2010-03-17 08:55:23

Under the farm, you find a secret tunnel system which leads to a destroyed military base.
You and all others go there and build up a base there, you gotta clean the base out first of course.
After you finished you find some survivors and a radio, but you have to go in the town to search for a perfect spot for using it.
After you called for help you gotta make it back to the military base because it is being attacked.
Choose to help them or call for help so YOU survive.
After 1 or 2 days the military comes and saves you.

But on the helicopter they have another survivor..... an infected one.




2010-03-17 10:43:39

Whatever you do with it I'll like it because it's unique here in Newgrounds.

How about... A third objective? Like... 'Survive, save you'r wife and save you'r daughter'


2010-03-17 12:52:41

You guys could make the game from another persons perspective? Perhaps we can find out how the wife survived in the first game, or what happened to other groups of survivors met throughout the series? Don't worry about it too much, just continue to improve the game play, making choices have a greater effect on how the game and story plays out (improve the 3rd as much as you improved the 2nd game over the first).

You could try this game from the perspective of a nuclear family? Perhaps a woman becomes the main character and she attempts to reunite her children with their father and get to safety. You may or may not have to make tough choices involving sacrificing others for the sake of your children (or vice versa?). Perhaps you could even have surviving members of your group stay behind and barricade and area while you scout ahead, disaster may strike them while you are gone?


2010-03-17 17:14:41

You could always pull a 28 weeks later. AKA.... The infected begin to die off and a cleanup operation begins. A few hosts are found ( people infected that can spread the virus but dont show sypmtoms, essentially they have the disease they can spread it but they dont become zombies), While scientists are deciding what to do with them someone unknowingly becomes infected and restarts the outbreak.

I do like the idea of other organisms becoming infected from prolongued exposure.

Or you can just play RE2 and use that as a basis for what wipes out the settlement (excluding birkin or course).

Sorry that my ideas rip off other things but there just starter point ideas to help you.

Oh by the way favourited both of them, 5/5 for both of them so far. Good work.
Read the zombie survival guide, It might give you some ideas as well.


2010-03-17 17:22:35

I would suggest the following scenario:
1.) Three weeks pass, with the rare group of zombies attacking the compound.
2.) An extraordinarily bright flash of light is seen at the city; pieces of metal rain down on the surrounding area. The group is forced to move from the farm due to radiation.
3.) As the survivors move across the countryside; they see signs of other survivors; but never actually see more than their corpses, if that.
4.) Survivors encounter a large group of zombies, and must attempt to evade them or be slaughtered.
5.) An abandoned nuclear silo is found. The door hangs ajar, and the air coming forth is stale.
6.) Survivor group works to clear out the silo, and moves in for safety.
7.) A large group of zombies breaks through one of the tunnels connecting to the silo. <character flees and survives the horde, end of game>
Throughout this, the character would take on various roles within the group. For example: during point 4 (encounter with zombie group), he offers suggestions as to the groups strategy. Feel free to use any and all ideas posited here in whole or in part; I look forward to seeing another amazing game from you.


2010-03-17 18:34:35

possible set it in a time when the military is eradicating infected zones of all the living and infected indescrimetly.


2010-03-17 18:46:43

I really liked the sound of this Ox character, I reckon the 3rd should be about developing his character a bit, and since he is a lot bigger (like described in the game) you can make that he is more able to fight off zombies than outrun them.
All the survivors in the mall have been killed and it starts with him trying to escape and find the guy that got away since he mentioned something about a farm in the countryside.
He is trying to make his way there and a whole lot of shit can hit the fan on the way, like what if the infection has started to mutate further? Since there could be a lack of humans Zombies are feeding off of each other, then they suffer from the virus twice as much, this could make them stronger faster, deadlier. He fights his way to the farm and arrives and it is in complete ruins.

Then the fourth could be back in the main character shoes describing what happened at the farm and why no one was there. Maybe one of the residents snuck out for a walk to get away from everyone or something, and came across a dog, the dog had been injured but animals are immune to the infection and they can only carry it. The resident hugs the dog the dog appreciates it licks his face, and the random now is a carrier due to saliva contact. He doesn't know this, he brings the dog back to the farm and its shot on site due to its wound, but everyone believes the resident is okay, then he gets sick and once again zombie shit hits the fan.
The options for a third and fourth are endless.


2010-03-17 22:17:04

how about the outbreak gets so bad that the zombies get stronger and break into the compound and you have to make an escape out of the city before you and youre wife dies and the other survivors before that happens die from looking for supplies and ammo just a thought


2010-03-17 22:21:44

ok how about your infected in a small army bunker where you and your family have taken cover.one day you start to run low on supplies so you are sent on a"quest"for more supplies to hold out longer.but you are all infected by rats that have gotten into the bunker they carry a less severe virus.so *i love you so much headshots* and you venture off to find a cure for the virus slowly taking over your body.but before you can venture to any towns to research and cure the virus you must choose the right choices to find a haz-mat suit so you will not infect people. since you are "technically infected"zombies will not see you as human.but the suvivors will see you as part zombie because of your apperance so will be hostile. so eventually you turn into a zombie but retain a human mind.so you have to work twoards a cure and gain the trust of humans


2010-03-18 01:11:36

Use new forms of zombies,related to Left 4 Dead,and from the new changes Dead Frontier is putting on there,if you can do that,make the character,or new character fight them. If you can do that,the next Dead Frontier:Outbreak will be the best blood-rushing,choose your own path game I've ever playn!


2010-03-18 01:17:26

Guys,The national gaurd,the police,the air force,anything govermental is gone,dead,adios,so quit it with the damn "Army Bunker" or "28 Days Later" themes,this is survival from normal civilians,not survival by hard-core dumb0ass marines and cops,only civilians,so quit it with all this Fuzzy Compression Bullshit,NO ARMY,NO POLICE,NO GOVERNMENT,end of story,god damn.


2010-03-18 03:34:23

I certainly agree with the crow when it comes to finding a new sanctuary. Due to the isolated nature of the sanctuary, supplies like food and water are limited and have to be rationed. Unfortunately, they don't last forever. So, I might suggest a group travel simulation. Maybe give the players the oppurtunity to take a leadership role, as well as a travelling role. Also, once a sanctuary is found, choosing how to properly fortify it and how to gather resources (so as not to repeat the last mistake) is extremely important during a zombie outbreak. That kind of scenario should provide many survival vs compassion decisions for the players, and really test their wit given certain situations. My only suggestion for the game mechanic that you have going would be to improve the amount of information given during the situation, both directly and indirectly. If something would fail, make sure the player has the oppurtunity to realize why it would fail, rather than just telling them it did, because that wasn't the right answer. Beyond that though, both games were quite fantastic. I really do hope you make number 3 soon, and that my suggestions might have helped. :D


2010-03-18 11:33:24

ok, i agree with the rodent carrier thing, but now have him protect another person he loves--his daughter
also maybe have them get rescued...? idk its your choice if you want to end it there


2010-03-18 12:05:51

Maybe word of the sanctuary spreads to far and there are too many people who come, some of whom have been bitten. I really liked the conflicts between the non-infected in the last one and would like to see more of that. The idea would then be that a large scale infection spreads outside the gates and soon the entire compound is surrounded. An intense defense and fight for survival ensues.


2010-03-18 12:52:27

simple, you returning too the compound lured zombies in that direction and so the compound is under assualt eventually the survivors are over run so your actions decide wether you and your companions survive too find a safe place.not an elaborate plot like the others but its a story of survival and choices which is what i loved in the other games.number of remaining survivors would make a nice additional point system and dillemas like killing infected survivors ect would be cool.


2010-03-18 13:48:34

This is my Idea!

I suggest that it stays as Human infected only, and then at the Start the Countryside gets overuned by Zombies. You have to choose from moving to either a Old Mililtary Base that has loads of Ammo, but only 5 guns.Those 5 guns can be a Shotgun, a Rifle, a Machine Gun, a Pistol and a Knife.If you wanna change the Weapons then go for it, and whoever has which gun I don't care.Or they can move to a Abondoned Cottage, or was it Abondoned? There is 1 survivor in the Cottage (Or more, its your choice), with any amount of Weapons, again, you're choice, I suggest most of them are Melee Weapons since he lives in a Cottage, and you can choose to either betray the Survivor and kill him, or you trust him and help him.Whatever happens next is up to you.Or they can move to a another Farm where then the Wife catches a deadly disease from some of the Animals or something, and then you have to go some place and buy some medicine and return like the 2nd Outbreak, and then, well, thats all I got! Good luck with Number 3!


2010-03-18 17:56:46

I think it should be that zombies attack the farm and you are forced to escape, but you can't find any place to stay. You find a poster about survivers finding a boat and they are going to try and get to another country and the game should be trying to get to the boat in time.


2010-03-18 18:08:07

How about a baby :D that has to avenge his fathers death by those damn infecteds
;D im just saying that would be pretty awsome :3


2010-03-18 22:10:54

You've done plenty well when grilling people for surviving against zombies, but zombies are hardly the biggest threat in a zombie apocalypse. I think Ox needs to make a reappearance as the head of a force trying to forcibly take your food stores.

Zombies are simple. They shamble, they want to eat you. People are where things get complicated. They need everything you need to survive and resources have suddenly got a lot slimmer. Also, people just plain go nuts.

How about managing your survivor camp? Kids need tending to, animosities need quelling and boredom and depression need to be staved off. Or how about trying to unify the desperate survivors that likely struggle to survive in the ruins of civilization? There happens to be a radio station nearby. It has a generator. Get to it, deal with the people camped out there as you see fit, get the power on, get a message out and then deal with all the people that show up. See who is useful and who is a waste. Weed out the psychopaths too.

That's about all I've got for ideas. If you keep doing surviving against the zombies themselves scenarios than the game will get too samey and stale.


2010-03-18 23:20:47

Longer. Maybe more characters(switching between them; death of one of them may affect the other plots). More choices similar to the weapon/clothing selection. Regardless... 2nd is a fun game, I'm sure the 3rd will be as well.


2010-03-18 23:28:59

Maybe you can start doing a history on how Fairview got its Safe Zone after the zombie outbreak and maybe u can do the same thing with konrox said...he has very interesting ideas there...but yeah like i said...maybe start to make a history on how the Safe Zone started to be build...and maybe make the camp be overrun by infected and u had to force your way out of the camp with your, your wife,and your father-in-law


2010-03-19 09:28:33

In the end of the 2nd part he backed home right?
so my idea is going like that:
the infected are still on earth. the year is 2021
there is only one person that could stop the infection his a seintist.
his name is Kyle Machman.
the surviros are still in the farm but again the man need to save the day.
his mission is go to the town and risk his life by finding Kyle Machman.
he is taking with him atleast 10 survivors.the other ones are staying in the farm to keep eye on things.the 10 survivors taking 3 cars atleast.
while they'are driving to the town they get a little suprise by a couple of zombies
they'are taking all the guns with them and shooting the zombies.they are killed all the zombies sucsesfully without any one diying.they getting back to the cars and drivin to some creppy place.the man hear a paper he is taking the paperand amazed to see the location of Kyle.while they driving they get into zombies trouble hafe of the team is dead and the other ones keeping to go to the location
(made up a story...)
when he get to the location (without a team becuse everybody are dead) he founds Kyle allmost dead a tries to make him tell where is the the gas that can stop the zombies.
he takes a ride with survivor that he found on the way to the helicopter after they get on they spreat the gas in the town and the game is over sucsesfully


2010-03-19 13:20:07

in the end of the first one it said the wife was infected so it could have her ruening into a zombie and infecting everyone


2010-03-19 13:39:42

You impregnate your wife and two other females.


2010-03-19 15:19:21

To quote Ifailtestsnot:

"Two months after the events in Dead Frontier Outbreak 2, the survivors have discovered a working radio and found a message being sent across the nation by the former military. They were going to nuke the area to get rid of the virus in 10 days. so basically the plot would be get out of the blast area within 10 days while surviving the seemingly infinite infected attackers."

I second it. I absolutely love this idea!


2010-03-19 15:32:46

I think the next one could involve moving to a new settlement after the farm is either overrun or damaged somehow and/or meeting up with more of civilisation and figuring out what's happened to the world now and if there even is a government.


2010-03-19 16:46:39

how bout the infected came to the compound and u have to escape to head to the nearest military base or u hear a strange transmission for help and u 1-4 others join you


2010-03-20 03:15:19

Well, if its a continuation of the last one, the obvious way to start it (in my opinion) is that the complex gets overrun and the first decisions to be made are along the lines of:
A) Deciding who and what, if anyone/anything to take with you
B) Securing a means of escape
C) "Just where in the hell are we to go now...?"

Maybe that'll help give you some ideas?
I haven't read through all the comments but I'm sure there might be similar/better scenarios mentioned...
Also, I think we need some dialog to go with the narration, maybe get different voice actors for different characters? I also think there should be more emphasis on items, and how they can make the story play out differently and give us more of a sense of having 'consequences' based on what we actually take. And don't make an obvious choice for those situations, I think we can handle a dilemma. Choosing between ammo and a medkit was a simple choice (for me at least) since I'd be avoiding contact whenever possible so I took a medkit with and it payed off with no negative repercussions (aside from me running out of ammo later, but I didn't need any after that first firefight). that goes back to what I was saying before about 'consequences' don't have any one 'right' answer, give us the realistic tension of the zombie apocalypse with some kind of existential crisis or something.

So there's some scenario and gameplay suggestions, I hope that helps to get you started


2010-03-20 12:37:34

In outbreak 3 why don't you have an alternate storys mabye even play as an infected. or mabye a new strain of the infection mutates you and you and your wife are forced to leave but the mutation can give you special abilities.


2010-03-20 12:58:36

ok so heres what im tinking, your part of a normal nieghborhood, and your duagters at school, zombie invasion happens, and you tell your wife to stay home. You leave off to the nearsest gun store, tor weaponary, you choose your gun, and leave. As you leave, you see a couple of zombies in your way, you can choose what you want to do with that. So as you make your way to the school, you see a rebellion of bikers comming your way. They tell you to give them all your equipment, and you have nothing now. So as you still make your way to the schoool, you see an assortment of vehicles, any of them could take out the bikers, so you chase after them, and get your equipment back. You finally reach the school, seeing if there are any survivors. You look in every class room, an option to check every student if thier your duagter, so once you find her, shes infected, not a zombie yet. So you have an option to take her home, and let her wait, or kill her, and fail your objective. Although, both ways, a government gives you an antidote for any infected, if you rescued your duagter, then you win, if you didnt rescue your daughter, then you feel deperesion, and find the nearest lighter fluid, find a shack, and burn your self alive. PM me if that is a good idea.


2010-03-20 14:28:31

There's a bunch of ideas already, I highly doubt I could help you with my lousy idea. But I enjoyed your game and the least I could do is to try to help you in return. It might not, but that doesn't change that this is the best I could do. Excuse me the mistakes, you have to know I'm not a native speaker.

Well, here goes:
With the help of the survivors, you have established a functional and autosuficient base that could hold for as long as it needed. Some of the survivors have died in order to gather the supplies and materials for the cause, but that's a story from the past, you don't need to get our for virtualy anything anymore.
While searching for those supplies and mats, you found more survivors and helped them, a doctor among them. He was once a very proficient neurologist, but you see something odd about him. The area is sealed, the infected can't possibly enter, and yet every couple days you find half-eaten corpses. That is the background of the whole story.

You and many others get to the chore to find what the hell is going on in your new home. The day after that you find out a terrible secret in a basement, the doctor is an infected. You remember he can clearly reason and just yesterday he helped an injury made from an accident to a child. You decide to investigate before a formal accusation.
Sneaking into the doctor's clinic, built by the survivors for him as the rest of the buildings nearby, you come to an intersting discovery. The neurologist has actually found a "cure" to the virus, but it's prototype is far too incomplete. He can stop the brain degeneration of the infected, but nothing more. He is a zombie, a flesh eating canibal, but yet he remains intelligent.
Just as you try to steal his notes and get out, he finds you. You try to fight him to make an operture and escape, but his physical superiority due to his infection and his human intelligence makes you unable to even think to match him. In a desperate attempt, you grab a bottle while he grapples at you, and he immediatly becomes a blazing pire, it was nitroglycerin. He releases you and dies burning, trying to put the flames out. You are saved.
However, he bit you in the neck, and the injury is immposible to hide; and the noise of the struggle was surely noticed. Without thinking, you inject yourself with the doctor's prototype of the cure and flee, since even if you tell the truth you will be surely killed for the survivors, as their laws, state that no risk is to be allowed.
With no other choise, you decide to leave without saying good-bye, grab what you can and face the world on your own. You cannot stay, is possible to become a murderous cannibal, no matter how intelligent; and risking you wife is something you can't do no matter what.

But you live practically within a fortress, you have to make your escape to the outside and start a new life. After complicated manouvers and some lifes that you had to take in order to keep you own, you can finally get out. The change went quickly: you are stronger and faster, but your skin is peeling off a little, and the urge to eat flesh is undeniable.
Using all of you willpower, you get as far from your former home as you can, and with all of those emotions, you can't help but to scream to the air to release the tension. What comes out is a bestial roar. You remain in complete control of your actions, but now you are forced to leave your home...

To be continuded...
It's not a good story, I know. I was just trying to help. I really hope you can at least find a little detail that could inspire you to keep developing this amazing saga of zombies.


2010-03-20 15:39:20

Give a short introduction saying that the first character survived the outbreak, then go back a couple of weeks and switch to a new character.


2010-03-20 18:47:09

First off, if you have time to read this, (and I really hope you do) Thank you for your time.

My Ideas are as follow:
1. The "Farm" or hideout is finally discovered by the infected scourge and the game is based around you having to cope with various combat situations, and deciding whether you have to escape with your family or make your (possibly) last stand.
2. Your food supply starts to dwindle and you have to come up with ways to resupply. These might include scavenging, farming, or whatever works.
3. The survivors decide they have to come up with a cure for the infection, because someone important is infected, or because it is the next step in zombie survival. They then have to find a doctor, medicine etc in order to accomplish this.

Those are my ideas, thank you for reading, oh, and also, I love the games! I hope to see anotjer sequel and if you have any questions just PM me. :)


2010-03-20 19:31:55

the military finally learns what had happened and sent planes to bomb the zombies but before the bombed the majority of them an un-naturally sized zombie showed up and had seemed to have a regenerating ability
flustered the military sent ground units to attack it but some of them got infected
the rest of the units met up with you and the survivors and asked what had happened
after 5 hours of convincing they finally decided to help but by that time it was too late...
the abnormal zombie had reached the farm and didn't seem to care
you decide rather to stay and fight or run with the survivors out the back door
the survivors decide to go find refuge somewhere else but didn't decide where...
options:A, the large hotel. B, get out of town and hope for the best. C, hijack some cars and get everyone who can get a car out of there
when you felt safe we decided to see if we needed any supplys but they asked you since you had survived twice when vulnerable.
A:get some medicine
B:food and water
D:none just get out of there
when you reached a decition the abnormal zombie had caught up
he seems to have a faster body than the other zombies
(you can decide if he can be called the omega zombie seeing as omega stands for the end of the world)
you see and abandoned somewhat broken bridge when panicing and decided to A:jump the bridge
B:ram into the zombie
C:find another way out
you finally lost the zombie and drive out of town but the victory was short lived
you find a military camp and ask if you and your fellow survivors can get in
and they stayed there for now...
(i think i did pretty well for my first time thinking of a zombie game but hey you can add anything to if you would like)
thats all i can get around for now so bye bye :D
and good luck with the next part ill keep on watching and playing :DD


2010-03-20 20:40:01

Scientist comes, sets up lab to try to cure the zombies, experimentation and research results in the creation of a new "hot zone," as the stronghold is now infested with a stronger breed of zombies (smarter, but not as smart as normal humans, about as fast as humans now, etc.). All in all, a deadlier zombie population. This population starts small, but infects other already zombified people and spreads quickly. Now the main character and his family must find a new stronghold.

My idea, although I'm not sure how good it is. I can always add more details. If interested, I can expand the plot.