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Zombie Splatter?

2011-02-10 13:37:12 by JaggedBladeSoftware

Zombie Splatter was perhaps the best zombie shoot em up I've seen on here in quite a while.

Check it out here:

Got daily first prize and currently has a score of 4.15, but didn't make it to the front page. Anyone have any idea why this is? Plenty of games that were submitted on a later date, with a lower score, and less prizes have since gotten featured. Does anyone have any idea why this might be? Perhaps due to semi-bad language and/or violence?

Undead Survival Test

2010-11-22 13:24:27 by JaggedBladeSoftware

The Undead Survival Test:

I thought this quiz game was pretty damn awesome, I'm a little surprised it didn't score higher to be honest. It reminds me a lot of my own Dead Frontier: Outbreak games (the original idea for those was a quiz, but it evolved a little from there). Though I've had like 10 goes and I can't seem to get the alternate ending. Anyone else manage it? What's behind the other door? I want to go to the damn party already!

Anyhow, I also wanted to say that I'll be making an Outbreak 3 soon. Watch this space!


2010-11-22 13:17:21 by JaggedBladeSoftware

nevermind, double post!

DF: Outbreak part 3 ideas?

2010-03-16 16:40:12 by JaggedBladeSoftware

Our latest flash game, Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 has done quite nicely, getting a 4.40 rating, a 9.6 average review score and daily 2nd. We also got onto the Kongregate front page yesterday, so we're definitely going to be doing a part 3 at some stage. However, I've got to be honest - we have very few ideas on where the plot can go from here.

We're wondering, do you guys here on Newgrounds have any good ideas? If so please post in the comments section below! Thanks :)

P.S If you haven't seen part 2 yet, you can check it out here:

Me and my brother were planning to make a few more episodes of Dead Frontier: Outbreak in order to continue the story. However we were a little disappointed by the score it got (3.85 ish) - we were kind of hoping it would do a little better. Chances are the game won't make the front page with that kind of score.

Is it just that nobody wants to play a text-only game anymore? I can totally understand that since reading can be a chore sometimes. But I also feel it can be a lot more immersive. Also thought the voice would help make it more interesting but guess it'd didn't make a huge difference.

So Newgrounds, would you like to see more of this kind of game or should we just move on?

If you haven't seen it yet:


Is there any particular time they update the front-page here? I'm pretty much a NG noob so have no idea how this stuff really works.

Of course I'm asking because I'm interested if Dead Frontier: Night Two will make it or not. First part got frontpage after a few hours and I foolishly assumed next part would be guaranteed to get there. As far as I can tell none of the fp games have changed since I submitted so I'm hoping it will just be a matter of patience until next update (if that's how it works?).

I thought score was the main deciding factor but I guess not since a game with less than 2/5 is up there ^.^